Full form of DP-What is DP?

Full form of DP-What is DP?

Do you get confused? Whenever your friend says that “hey, I have updated my dp in facebook”. The reason for being confused is that you don’t even know the meaning of DP and full form of DP and feel shamed.

But don’t worry, after reading this blog post your problems are going to end. Now without wasting our time, let’s get started.

Full form of DP-Meaning

Well the meaning of DP is different in different fields like in the computer science field its meaning is Data Processing. Sounds Technical isn’t it

Well the DP which we are going to talk about is the Display Picture, which your friends talk about with you.

Display Picture is the image used to identify any person on social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. You can say it the profile picture which you upload it on the Facebook. It is also known as Social Picture.

It was used in the early days of online messaging. But nowadays there is a new term known as Profile Picture for it.

The benefit of having DP-Full form of DP

The DP on any social platform helps us to identify by seeing the exact image of that person. Imagine a situation when you got a friend request on the facebook of an unknown person, Will you accept that? Well, it’s up to you….

But a social account having a profile picture is more likely to identify, rather than an account not having a DP. It helps you to identify who the person is rather than the name of him.

To identify anyone on the social platform you must have at least these three things:

  • User ID(which is usually called Username, ID, etc)-This helps you to directly search for the unique account which has this username. It is unique. Example:@tejasviroushan
  • Name: If you have a name of that person whom you are finding then you see a lot of list of similar names.
  • Display Picture(DP)It is the image which you see on the social profiles whenever you are finding someone.

If you have any two of them then only you will be able to identify the right person whom you are trying to find. Suppose if you have the User ID and name then easily the person will be identified.

Different Names of DP in various Social Channels

Well the DP means only the same thing the profile picture which you see in your social profile here are some of the names of the various social media channels by which this name has picked popularity. Like the Display Picture of Instagram is known as Instagram DP.

Whatsapp DP

The profile picture which you see in your WhatsApp settings is also a type of Display Picture but here it is known as Whatsapp DP. When your friend is saying”Hey, I have updated my WhatsApp dp that means he has updated the profile picture of his WhatsApp account. It looks Like this.

Whatsapp Display Picture
Whatsapp Display Picture

Instagram DP

The profile picture which you set in your Instagram account page is also known as Instagram DP. So whenever your friends will be saying that i have a cool dp in my Instagram account, Don’t be confused

Instagram Display Picture

Facebook DP

Now, talking about the most popular social media platform Facebook. I have heard a lot of people saying that the news feed of Facebook is the DP. But that’s not true. The profile picture

Facebook Display Picture

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