Difference between Custom and Stock Rom

Difference between Custom and Stock Rom

Android is one of the most popular operating systems in the world. It is used worldwide because of its simple user interface. It has nearly 65% of market shares in the worldwide and has already left the popular operating system Windows which had around 40% market shares is already surpassed.

What is ROM?

Android ROM. (Android Read Only Memory) is a file which contains the executable system image of any Android OS with the affiliated apps. It is different from the windows, as it can be deleted and change according to the user. The ROM according to the android refers to the firmware of its device.

Types of Android ROM

The types of the ROMs are Custom ROM and Stock ROM. The stock Rom comes pre-installed in your android smartphone whereas the Custom Rom is developed by the individuals or you can say(developers).

Stock ROM vs Custom Rom

Because of the open source of the Android, developers modify the original Android(or you can say pure android) according to them and add new features, functions, accessibility for the advanced user.

And this way a new ROM has formed in the market named as “Custom Rom”. Well, this all was in the short I would like to elaborate it.

What is a Stock ROM?

These are the pre-loaded ROM which comes to you whenever you buy a new smartphone, made by the vendor or manufacturer of that smartphone.

The vendors modify the original android according to them and give it a complete a new look which suites their UI Interface.

As of the Xiaomi which has its own UI named as MIUI and Samsung smartphones run on the TouchWiz UI.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Stock ROM

  • Warranty:– As the stock Rom is built by your vendor then you do not have to worry about the Warranty. But, if you will install the Custom ROM then you will lose your warranty
  • Premium Apps:-The manufactures provide you their best applications but in the case of Custom ROM, it is not available. For example, Samsung gives you the My Galaxy app & Smart Switch, etc. and more apps like that the vendors install in their smartphones.
  • Trust:-Yes this is another factor that pokes you to use the Stock ROM instead of Custom ROM because you will trust your vendor more than any developer(Who you don’t know).

Types of Stock ROM

Pure Android/Truly Stock Android

This type of stock firmware does not get any functional changes in its code by Hardware Vendors. The modification is found to make it device-specific changes to run it on a particular device.

This ROM can be seen when the hardware and OS(Operating System) is built by the same vendor. Example-Apple’s IOS.

Manufacture or Carrier Branded ROM

A Manufacturer or Carrier Branded Stock ROM is a kind of stock firmware that has modified by the interface enhancement, modification, and vendor-specific applications installation on the device.

Nowadays, most of the phones come under this category.

What is Custom ROM?

Because of the android being an open-source developer modify the pure android according to them and upload it to the internet. And we as the user of that smartphone download and install that ROMs for our needs.

Advantages and Disadvantages

  • Root Acces:-To install the Custom ROM you have to root your smartphones. After installing the custom ROM you will become a superuser of that smartphone as you have rooted it.
  • Regular Updates:-The most specific reason the people install this, as the smartphone gets older the vendors not send any updates to the user because they become busy with the latest models
  • Better Performance:- In this ROM you can uninstall the pre-loaded apps by the manufacturers, and as a result, more ram is available for the use giving you a better performance.
  • Warranty:- In this case, there is no chance of warranty as you have deleted the original OS of the vendor.


I will advice you that if your daily life applications are without any lag then i will not suggest you to upgrade to the Custom ROM. But if you are a advanced user like me then you can install it.

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