Today i am gonna share with you the exact steps that i follow to Play PUBG Offline and PUBG mobile without using the internet.

PUBG is a very popular game as it has a large number of user across the countries.

But as we know that the internet is available in very limited amount to each and every person and due to which is of often confused that can i play pubg offline & Can i Play PUBG Game without using internet ? Well the answer is Yes
how to play pubg offline
Lets Dive into the Steps that you have to take:

What is Training Mode in PUBG ?

The Training Mode is a mode in PUBG which is used to practice before actually participating in any real Multiplayer Game. Here you have the chance to improve your skills of game and also not to worry about the being killed in it.

Point to Remember before you play PUBG Offline on Mobile

  • You should have the latest version of PUBG installed in your smartphone.
  • Not use internet in using this procedure
  • You will not be able to Play Multiplayer Mode as it requires a internet connection
  • This method only works for the Training Mode in PUBG

Steps to Play PUBG Mobile Without Internet

  • Open PUBG Mobile on your Android Device or Smartphone
  • Then you will see the option to select the match which you want to play on the top left corner 
  • Touch on the Training Mode and you will enter in the Training Mode of PUBG
  • That's Sit it was the all the procedure to Play PUBG Offline
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